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The Riverwood Forest Retreats Pench

Safaris and Excursions

Jungle safari

Jungle safaris (by jeep) into the core zone of the National Park are conducted twice a day. A qualified naturalist will accompany you on every trip to help you interpret the exotic flora and fauna of the region. Joy rides in the forest on elephant-back are also offered during morning safaris ( Subject to availability and on spot bookings).

Guests will be taken on safaris on first-cum-first-serve basis. Kindly contact the Resident Manager to register for safaris at the time of Reservation to avoid disappointment.

All guests must adhere to the Code of conduct during the safaris. Copy of the same is available at the Resort

All guests must sign the Liability Waiver Declaration Undertaking available at the Resort before participating in any of the Resort activities

Nature Walks

Getting up-close to nature is fully experienced only when you venture out and feel the emotions she exudes. Learn everything about the flora and fauna of the region from our naturalists who will lead you on the trail.

Bird Watching

Bird watching in Pench is an excellent pastime with over 210 species of birds being recorded here.

The Pench region is dominated by dense forests, but you can also find patches of shrubs around the periphery as well as a lot of cultivation around the area. The water bodies inside the park act as an attraction to a wide variety of water birds. Even when the water bodies recedes, it leaves isolated pools of water that attract a multitude of birds as fishes are trapped in them.

Star Gazing & Night Safari

One of the nicest things about a resort in the wilderness is the beautiful clear sky above. In the jungle due to almost zero pollution ,at night the sky is full of millions and millions of bright twinkling stars, which you don't ever get to see in the city , and people often rememorize their poem of the twinkling stars of their childhood all over again.

Village Walks

Walk to the nearby village to experience how the locals lead their daily lives.

Pottery Village

A drive to the potters' village try your hand at the potter's wheel.

Sit out at Macchan

Evenings can be spent sitting out at the macchan or watch tower and viewing the forest and activities of the villages.

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