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The Riverwood Forest Retreats Pench

The Terrain Plant Life and Climate


The terrain of the park is undulating with mainly gentle slopes criss-crossed by streams and nullahs. Most of these water courses are seasonal. Many of the hills are flat-topped and allow fine vistas of the forests around. The best known of these is 'Kalapahar' with an altitude of 650 mts. The Pench river flowing through the centre of the Reserve is dry by April but a number of water pools locally known as 'dohs' are found, which serve as waterholes for wild animals. A few perennial springs also exist. Recently a number of earthen ponds and shallow wells have been developed leading to well distributed sources of water all around the reserve.


The forested area is a blend of dry deciduous forest and tropical moist deciduous forest, and is rich with beautiful shrubs trees and climbers. Teak, Mahua, Tendu, Bija, Amaltas and Palas all find their home here. While charmingly swaying bamboo grasses line the water courses and dot the valleys.


October to January
Cold 16* to 3* C

February to March
Cool 16* C to 26* C

April to June
26 * to 42* C

June to September


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