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Sunderban Tiger Camp

Special Interest Tours

Apart from fixed departure and any day departure tours we offer our guests some more experiences other than focusing on wildlife.

Please feel to write to us for more details on the tours.

Honey Collection Tour

This special tour is conducted between March – May when you may observe local collecting honey in various forms from Apis Dorsata which flies in from the Himalayas.

Cultural Tour (Bon Bibi)

A visit to various villages around the Northern Side of the Sunderban National Park is organized to meet locals belonging to different cultures and regions who have settled in Sunderbans over the last century with a diverse background and occupation.

The Hungry Tide Tour

For any guest who has the read Amitava Ghosh's Hungry Tide, we may take you to different locations which actually do exist and recreate history.

Birding Tour

The largest Mangrove Forest here in the Sunderbans is a paradise for bird lovers for the rich species of birds it boasts off and holds great variety of bird life, both migratory and residential to the regions of Sunderbans. The birding tour to the Sunderban National Park differs from the fixed departure itinerary. The timing, destination are all planned keeping into mind the guests' birding requirement of Marsh, Water, Predator Birds, etc.

Photographic Tours:

The Sunderbans is more than just the Tiger. Local Cultures, Wildlife, Exotic Birds,Meandering Rivers, Fishermen, Honey Collectors, Tiger attack survivors, Families of victims from the cyclones, Tigers and Crocodiles, Markets, agricultural fields- and so much more that will continue to inspire and amaze a traveler, it is the perfect menu for the shutter bug. Truly a photographer's delight.

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